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Models By Toggles model licenses can be used for any model type. You can purchase as many model licenses as you want and use them at anytime for any model type whether it is a utility rate model, or an asset management model. Your unused model licenses will never expire.

STANDARD MODEL LICENSE Contact us 180 days of unlimited use,and automatic archiving thereafter


Set up your custom utility rate model. Project your revenues and expenditures, develop capital improvement program financing strategy, evaluate financial policy impacts, and analyze your utility’s revenue sufficiency to satisfy operating, capital, and policy requirements.
See Utility Rate Model Features


Set up your custom asset management model. Compile a listing of your assets in a centralized, secure database, input key asset features and relevant/ available asset data, and start analyzing and managing your assets by converting raw data into coherent, easy to understand information and knowledge.
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If you need to use more advanced model features and functionalities, you can always upgrade your standard model to an advanced model. Once you upgrade your model, you can start using our Add-ON model packages.

See Our Advanced Add-On Package Features For Utility Rate Analysis

If You're A Consulting Professinal Or An Organization

You can upgrade your free basic account to professional status to take advantage of the following professional advanced features:
In addition to free account;

  • Multiple Jurisdictions/Agencies
  • White Labeling Services
  • Unlimited Users
  • Footprint Log
  • Customized Development Services
  • Additional Support Service

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