General Platform Benefits

No Financial Formula, Just Plain English!

You can establish your utility rate analysis or asset management models by simply answering handful of questions in plain English. Just let the powerful Models by Toggles generate all the financial formula and links automatically. You can modify your models, revise your analyses by changing your answers with a simple click instead of rewriting complex formula and creating cumbersome spreadsheet files.

Low Cost, More Savings

You can develop your utility rate analysis or asset management at a fraction of your current cost. Our packages start from $390 per model. Explore our low cost offerings and see how Models by Toggles can help your bottom-line. In addition to your initial low cost, you can operate cost effectively by; spending less time to model, eliminating errors, accessing from anywhere, working with your model templates and duplicates, and empowering your team members.

Less Time, More Productivity

You can spend less time on modeling, focus on your own priorities, and become more productive. We develop Models by Toggles to take the load of your shoulders so that you can do what is best for you and your business; whether it is evaluating your results, or catering your clients' and/or stakeholders' needs, or even creating new opportunities...

Anytime, Anywhere, Easy Access

You can access your workspaces anytime, anywhere using any internet-connected device with a web browser. There is no need for any specific hardware, software, or what so ever...

Unique Source, Multiple Resource

You can share your project components and seperately assign them to team members that will be working on a unique source. Thanks to cloud-computing technology, Models by Toggles serves as your unique source to conduct your utility rate analysis.

Transferable Work, Sustained Continuity

You can transfer your ongoing workspaces to other team members quickly and safely. Your knowledge base doesn't leave you with personnel changes.

Reliable Results, Peace of Mind

You can feel comfortable knowing that your models DOES NOT contain an easy to make and hard to catch formula error or cell referencing mistake common in excel platform.

Clear Description, Easy Retrieval

You can archive your analyses and reports with as long and detailed description as you want so that you can review and retrieve them in no time. You will get rid of your existing problems associated with maintaining various storages, using your "creative" filenames hard to decode, and personalized filing conventions.